A picture I took one evening of my backyard.

Autumn is finally showing its true colors. Who doesn’t love the feel of the wind blowing, the trees sighing, and the vivid sunsets upon the tree bare horizon? Since it has always been one of my favorite seasons, I simply had to write the essential Autumn to do list for writers. 

 #1: Have a Spot of Tea and Relax

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Many say tea is not only relaxing but also healthy and beneficial for your brain (see article here). Not only that, its the perfect way to celebrate autumn tradition while also taking care of your (starving) writer self. If you are participating in NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month), which I certainly hope you are, its a life saver for those uncreative dumps at mid-month. 

So go put the kettle on and snuggle up by the fire with a juicy book. Speaking of books…

#2: Read a Classic Novel


If you cringed at the word “classic” never fear, there are countless classics that don’t match the “cramped writing style” or “stuffy” descriptions usually attached to this specific genre. And why not read one? It certainly is picturesque to curl up by the fire (with your tea) and read a classic novel with rich, beautiful illustrations. 

If you want to avoid the common adult classics (Dickens, Austen, Trollope), why don’t you pick out a children’s classic or better yet, a classic that is not written by a Europian? Read Japanese Haiku by Basho or Issa, Russian novelists Dostovesky and Tolstoy, or Arabian Knights, the beloved Middle Eastern book of tales.  

#3: Binge watch your favorite TV series


Autumn is the time of new television series and long, cozy nights watching some of your favorites. Take a break from school, work, or writing and go binge Stranger Things (just came out today!), The Crown, Man in the High Castle, or another favorite. 

#4: Buy a Cozy Sweater

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This is a necessity. What is autumn without cozy sweaters? And honestly, we’re writers. We need to stay healthy and warm so our words continue to flow. Thus, being cold, however romantic or dramatic it may seem to you, doesn’t help. Get a sweater.  🙂 

#5: Take a Stroll 

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This is a quintessential autumn obligation. What is more healthy than taking a brisk walk in nature, while taking in all the beautiful scenery for later stories? Also, writers are too quick to starve themselves of their bodily needs. We must write, and we must combat the daunting writer’s block. However, we cannot truly face and combat our writing fears without a healthy life. So enjoy autumn, the beauty of life. Take a deep breath. Smell the decaying leaves. Taste a crisp, juicy, auburn apple. 


Picture credit here. 

Take care of your writer self and enjoy autumn. And when your writing life becomes difficult, try one of these things. Drink tea to boost your energy and creativity. Read a book to inspire new story ideas and learn from the greats. Binge a tv show in order to relax and take a break. Wear a sweater to support a healthy writer life. Take a stroll for a change of scenery and to restore the life into your veins. And then, enjoy writing. 


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