A Wee Bit About Myself

Hello there!

Longing for inspiration? Encouragement? Hoping to meet a writer that you can relate to? Then this is the blog for you.

First things first: My name is Annalia Fiore. I am a writer, piano player, debater, and avid reader. I created this blog to share my writing, to encourage others, and to grow in my writing from others feedback.

Writing can sometimes seem like a long adventure to nowhere. Often times, the backspace seems like the most popular key on my keyboard. My writing schedule is sporadic and my discipline slack. My blog shall be my cure, my magic medicine. Making myself write a post every single week will tighten my attention span and keep me focused on my goal, which is to publish my very own novel.

I ask you to join me in the adventure of writing. Together, not alone, we can accomplish our personal dreams. Check out a few of my articles:

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For the glory of God,

– Annalia Fiore