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The Tree of Life

Introduction: It is a struggle to find edifying, God-honoring movies that seek for truth. The movies of the secular world have the grand cast, the budget, and cinematography, but often I find myself disgusted by what they display on the screen. The low-budget “Christian” films are clean, but give cliché answers to questions that must be answered. Where are… Continue reading The Tree of Life

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Anne Frank: An Inspiring Adolescent​ Writer

Introduction:    One of the most renowned books in modern history is written by an adolescent. A teenager, with her own shortcomings, rebellious thoughts, and her own world view. Anne Frank, author or A Diary of a Young Girl or The Secret Annex, has captivated the world by her superior style of writing compared to others her age. A Diary… Continue reading Anne Frank: An Inspiring Adolescent​ Writer